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Finding the perfect colour paint match for your car can be a really difficult job for any car painter, so we at Mipathai employ a Mipa Complete Mix system Machine Version 5.0 which has the ability to perfectly match the paint our customers require. As well as for our own use we also offer these mix system machines out to our car painting customers. We will take care of installment of the equipment and provide full training and technical support to our customers for software and the optical paint scanner use which produces the exact paint colour match for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.

For our customers without mixing machine we can obtain the correct formula of the paint using an a paint example or the code of the Car and will produce the right Color in the quantity the customer requires and speedily ship to the customer. We also offer technical support and documents with information about using our products.

We have a wide customer base supplying our products all aross Thailand. We are selling our products to Car Painters, Car Industry, Motorcycle Industry, Body Shops, Paints Shops and Industrial Painters. Whatever your body respray or car repair needs contact our freindly staff. Our offices and Storage for the company is located in Bang Bo Samut Prakan near the Panasonic Fabrication. See contact us for information.


Our in-house office employees will take the your orders and ensure the fast and reliable delivery. Warehouse employees take care of the packing and delivery with Trucks delivering across Thailand. We also offer fast and reliable Service with Kerry to Guarantee good and safe product supply to all our customers both exisiting and new.

Our sales staff and technical Support guarantee service all over the country to assist customers using our products and to offer aid in with any questions problems regarding products or the painting procedure in general.

Car Coating System Co.,Ltd (Thailand)

Import-selling paints and car repair accessories, various types of automotive paints, car base coat paints, multi-shade effect change color, reflective day-light fluorescent paint, translucent candy paint, chrome color lack , Clearcoat, body filler primer, putty, epoxy primer, epoxy filler, alloy car wheel paint, abrasive sandpaper, tack cloth, masking tape, Two-tone fine line tape, plastic auto mask, polishing spong paint mixing cup, paint can, multi strain filter funnel, floor filter spray paint booth, pump spray, paint sprayer protective mask box, car clean stain paper, paint bottle touch up bottles, putty knife, paint repair brush touch up tips, paint matching pad card, dust collector, AntiDust paint room, Heat resistant putty 180 ํ C, etc.all imported from Germany.


Hight Quality Paint Products from MIPATHAI, 100% made in Germany

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