About Us

Car Coating System Co.,Ltd (Thailand)

A little history about the company. Carcoatings System was founded in August 2000 as Importer of Carsystem Products from Germany. We started with 5 Employees to bring up non Paint Products and Puttys to the Thai market. In year 2006 we separeted from Carsystem Germany and joined Mipa Paints Germany where we obtained the Importer status for Mipa Car and Industrial Paints and non Paints. We updated our Product Portfolio to Paints Clearcoats Fillers and a lot of special Paint Products for the Industry.

In 2015 we visited Mipa Germany at the Company headquarters to observe production and kind of working practices they employ. We also visited the technical Center of Mipa leanrt all about the portfolio of the Mipa Group and later were invited into the paint booth for practical side of working with the paint and non paint products Mipa Supplies. We took advantage of our trip to visit a few body Shops and Paints Shops to see the customer painting process first hand and discuss the Mipa Products selling across Germany.

Mipa SE headquartered in Essenbach/Germany, is a fast-growing medium-sized company in producing varnishes and paints. There are seven further plants at home and abroad where we are developing and producing automotive refinishing paints, industrial and decorative paints as well as wood paints for professional user. More than 1300 employees are working all over the world for Mipa Group that is sending currently products to its subsidiaries and customers in more than 100 countrys on all continents.

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