Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CS44

Technical Data:
Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CS 44 is a scratch resistant and easy to clean (easy-to-clean effect) clearcoat based on nanotechnology. Excellent durability against micro scratches (for example as result of car wash or mechanical abrasion) and against chemical products. Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CS 44 is especially recommended for high quality complete spraying or spot repairs of cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles. Equallly suitable to give good protection to a wide range of constructive components (for example car interior, motorcycle tanks, handle shell). Mipa 2K-HS-Klarlack CS 44 can be used for overcoating of solvent-borne or water-borne paints.

Consumption : 10-12 m2 / l.

1,530 ฿

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